Wednesday, April 6, 2011

American visitor to Syria says: "no sign of any protest wherever we went"

In a blog posting today on "Syria Comment", a blog on Syrian affairs by Dr. Joshua Landis, director of the Center for Middle East Studies and associate professor at the University of Oklahoma, a message that came to Dr. Landis from someone who has just returned from Syria was published:
Dear Joshua, We proceeded with our recent trip to Syria (March 25 – April 3) and had a wonderful time. There was no sign of any protest wherever we went (Bosra, Damascus, Homs, Hama, Crak de Chevaliers, Sergilla, Aleppo and Palmyra) and people were extremely friendly. The State Department’s advisory for all Americans to consider leaving Syria seemed paranoid – perhaps a Washington-Damascus power play.
Best regards, Olaf Andersen
Read the blog posting here.  


  1. My daughter and I are planning to travel to Syria this Sunday, the tour is booked and planned by a Syrian travel company. We are travveling around in Syria and Jordan by car. Should we rather stay at home, or is it safe to travel around with a guide?
    This trip was planned in November, everything prepaid.
    I need some advice rather quicky!
    Tone Mjelva, Norway

  2. I also read blogs by Evangelical Christians who went to Palestine and, since they're in tours and are surrounded by Israeli security, said that they haven't seen any Palestinians and that the Palestinians don't exist!!