Saturday, April 16, 2011

President al-Assad to the ministers: Be humble

In his speech today to the new Syrian Cabinet, President Bashar al-Assad had this advice to give at the end of the speech:

النصيحة الأخيرة التي أنصحها لكل مسؤول ألتقي به وكل حكومة هي التواضع. تواضعوا مع الناس، لا مبرر للغرور. الغرور هو بداية الانحدار وبداية الفشل وبداية السقوط لأي إنسان، لأي دولة، لأي شعب، عندما يصاب بالغرور. عندما يصبح الإنسان مسؤول يجب أن يفقد شعوره بنفسه أو بقيمته الذاتية ويشعر بأن أي مواطن هو أعلى منه قيمةً. ولكنه يسترد هذه القيمة فقط من خلال رضى المواطن. عندما يرضى المواطن فعليك أن تشعر كمسؤول بقيمتك بأنك إنسان يستحق أن يحترم ولكن أيضاً من دون غرور.
The last advice which I give to every government official I meet with and to every government, is humility. Be humble with the people. There is no justification for arrogance. Arrogance is the begining of falling, the begining of failure, the begning of collapse, for any person, any state, any people, when they're afflicted by it. When anyone becomes an official, they should lose their sense of self or self-worth and feel that any citizen is of more value than them. They would then regain their value only through the satisfaction of the citizen. When the citizen is satified, you should as an official feel your value, and that you are a person who deserves to be respected, but then again without arrogance. 

You can watch the full speech here and below [AR]. The quote above is between 41:22 and 42:07.

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