Sunday, September 4, 2011

Arab oil kings, human rights and imperialism

The following quote is from a front page editorial by al-Fadl Shallaq titled [AR] "The revolution will go on and the world will change" in the September 2nd, 2011 issue of the Arabic-language Lebanese daily newspaper As-Safir:

"تشك الجماهير العربية في النوايا الديموقراطية والغيرة على حقوق الإنسان عند دول نفطية لا تعرف للبشري قيمة إلا بمقدار ما يكون أداة او ضحية يقدمها أمراء وملوك النفط على مذبح التقديس للامبريالية." 
"The Arab masses doubt the democratic intentions and the fidelity to human rights in oil countries that know of no value for a human being other than the one determined by the extent that human being can be a tool or a victim sacrificed by the oil princes and sheikhs at the altar of imperialism."