Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Strong relationship with the Syrian President

In an interview with France 24 Arabic Nov 18, 2009, and when asked whether France has relayed any letter to him from the Syrian President who recently also visited Paris, the Iraqi President, Mr. Jalal Talabani replied by saying:
I personally have a good and strong relationship with President Dr. Bashar al Assad. I do not need a mediator. I can reach out to him and approach him at any time.

أنا شخصياً علاقتي قوية وجيدة مع الرئيس الأخ الدكتور بشار الأسد ولا أحتاج إلى أي وسيط وأنا استطيع أن أناشده أو أفاتحه في أي وقت أشاء
You can watch the entire interview here