Monday, February 28, 2011

The ship "Souria" departs the port of Benghazi with 325 Syrian nationals on-board

This urgent report was published yesterday on the website of the Syrian Arabic-language biweekly magazine al-Iqtisadi. Here is a rush English translation of it.

Urgent: The ship "Souria" departs the port of Benghazi with 325 Syrian nationals on-board 


The Syrian Minister of Transport Yarob Badr announced that the Syrian ship "Souria" that is participating in the transportation of Syrian nationals from Libya has departed the port of Benghazi yesterday with 325 Syrian nationals on-board. It is scheduled to arrive to the Syrian port of Latakia on Tuesday morning. 

Minister Badr explained: Transporting the Syrians on-board the multipurpose ship "Souria" was done in all the available cabins and in the best possible conditions, especially given the fact that the route of the ship was changed out of necessity and urgency from the port of Algiers to Libya, to ensure the transportation of the Syrian nationals who would like to leave Libya. 

Badr added: The second ship "al-Assad", which was also sent to participate in evacuating the Syrian nationals, will arrive to the port of Benghazi on Sunday morning, while the leased ship "Europe Palace" will arrive in the afternoon to the same port to continue with the evacuation efforts. He also said that preparations are underway to mobilize other ships to the ports of Tripoli and Misurata, as per a request made by the Syrian Embassy in Tripoli with which coordination is being done in that regard. 

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