Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"Had you been Alawite, I would have slaughtered you"

In one of his posts on his facebook page, Syrian journalist and writer Bassam al-Kadi (who we mentioned on this blog before) wrote about a message he received from a Syrian regime opponent friend of his who is in Syria's northern region:

A letter from a regime opponent friend of mine in the northern region, written in my own words to ensure the confidentiality of his name: 
When one of my relatives was released after being detained by the "Free [Syrian] Army", he told us about what he saw by saying that the smell of slaughtered human bodies was everywhere in the place where they were being held. The voices of the terrified children and adult hostages is undescribable. They [i.e. the FSA rebels] themselves had a very filthy smell. 
In the same week, it happened that one of my relatives was forced to travel on a road that is frequently blocked by the terrorists. And as excepted, the "Free [Syrian] Army" stopped the bus she was on. There were two women on board who were unveiled [i.e. they did not have their head covered]. The terrorist asked them, "Are you Alawites?". "No!", they replied. And after he confirmed that they were not "Alawite", he said to them: You have just been born again. Had you been Alawite, I would have slaughtered you both.
Citing some people who have been through the experience of having their neighborhoods occupied by the terrorists militia, they've confirmed that the "Free [Syrian] Army" mercenaries break into homes after crashing the doors, kick families out of the homes and force them to flee, occupy the buildings that they're able to occupy and go out to the rooftops and balconies with sniper rifles. And this forced the Army to use helicopters to hunt the terrorists.

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