Sunday, October 3, 2010

How to Watch Syrian (and Some Other Arab) TV Channels Online

UPDATE (Nov 2, 2014): This posting is outdated. There are now several options to watch the official Syrian television channels online. Seven Syrian televisions channels can now be watched on the website of the General Organization of Radio and TV. The channels include, the Syrian Satellite Channel, Syrian TV Channel 1, Syrian News Channel, Syrian Drama Channel, Nour Ash-Sham TV, Talaqie Channel and the Syrian Educational Channel. The website also provides the option to watch the Syrian Satellite Channel and the Syrian News Channel on YouTube. You can also listen to one of 6 radio channels on the same site. 

The quality of the streams is very good. If you experience interruptions in the streams, check out the live streams on YouTube, as they tend to be more reliable. 

You can also try the GLArab website, although there is an ongoing problem with the sound in the streams when using a Mac computer. The channels open fine through the GLArab apps on mobile devices. 

As for the non-official Sama TV channel, its live stream can be watched on the Addounia TV website.

And you can watch the satellite TV broadcast of Syrian radio channel Sham FM, on the channel's website. 


Syrian actor Ayman Rida's keffiyeh is a little girl's dress with the girl in it! - Spotlight ... on Twitpic

As of this writing, the official stream of Syrian television from Syria is unreliable. And when you find a link that works, the quality of the stream is usually not very good. Both the Syrian Satellite Channel and the Syrian Drama Channel are available Free-to-Air in North America. In other words, all you need is a satellite dish and a receiver and you can watch the channels (and many others in Arabic or other languages) for free (i.e. no subscription required). But if you don't have a satellite dish for whatever reason, your other option is to watch the channels online, if you manage to find links to reliable streams.

I just found a website that provides streams of the 2 Syrian channels mentioned above (in addition to streams of 13 other Arabic television channels). The channels in that site are some of the same ones that are available Free-to-Air on satellite. The channels available include, Kuwait TV channel 1, Al Iraqiya (Iraq), Al Sharqiya (Iraq), Al Forat (Iraq), Al Alam (Iran), Qatar TV, Yemen TV [Ar], Oman TV, Jordan TV, 2M Morocco [Fr], Tunisie 7, Canal Algérie and Sharjah TV [Ar] (UAE).

The streams on the website are of somewhat better quality than others you can find elsewhere online. The website uses the Microsoft Silverlight web application framework.

Live stream of the Syrian Satellite Channel on

Live stream of the Syrian Drama Channel on

Actors r speaking the Latakia (Coastal) Syrian dialect in the series Laʿnat aṭ-Ṭ īn لعنة الطين (Curse of the Mud)... on Twitpic


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  2. Samuel,

    Thank you for this information. I am more on the lookout for quality online streams that are available for free, without any additional software.

    But the concept of Satellite Direct sounds great. Do you use the program yourself? And can you confirm the described high quality?

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