Thursday, April 22, 2010

It is Earth Day! Take some action!

If you are reading this, then you probably already know today is Earth Day. In today's world in which many of us pretty much eat, drink and breath online, there is very little chance not to know what "Day" it is today. So, let me paraphrase .. if you are alive, you probably already know that today is Earth Day!.

How can one not know it is Earth Day when Google's logo looks like this today? 

As I write this, "Happy Earth Day" is the top Trending Topic on Twitter, worldwide 

Every day in the morning, I stop to buy hot tea before heading to the office to start working. I work at the Health Sciences Centre (HSC) in Winnipeg. In most days, the hall in front of the gift shop next to the Thorlakson Building has a variety of stands that sell different things. One of the tables today featured a small exhibit by the "HSC Energy Management Program" on the occasion of Earth Day.

The poster presentation lists 10 actions and encourages the reader to "start with one ..." .. I took out the iPhone and took quick snapshots of the actions. Take a look .. How many of these do you do? 

Happy Earth Day! 


  1. Heh...they forgot the tip about using a re-usable cup when you get tea in the morning ;)

    Happy earth day!


  2. That's one astute guilt-generating observation, Sarah :)

    It reminds me of the occasions also when people ask for "double-cupping" because one cup is just too hot to hold. I have once been guilty of asking for that, and one man looked me in the eye and said: "But that's not good for the environment!". He was right of course. Even though one might be tempted to think that recycling the cups is enough, that definitely does not compare to using re-usable cups or containers, for tea or for water ;)